Ben Kravitz

Dr. Ben Kravitz  

About Ben Kravitz

I am an Associate Professor in the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department at Indiana University and a proud Hoosier, having lived in the state for the majority of my life.

I am interested in using climate models to explore radiative forcing, climate response, and climate system feedbacks. My main areas of focus are climate engineering using stratospheric sulfate aerosols, reduced order modeling of the climate system, high latitude climate teleconnections, and uncertainty quantification for wind energy. I am also interested in applying engineering techniques, such as control theory, system identification, and linear systems theory, to climate modeling.

My Erdös number is three, thanks to my advisor at Purdue, Shreeram Abhyankar. I am the academic grandson of Ed Lorenz.

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What do we do?

We work on these questions


  • How can we combine models across scales to efficiently quantify how climate change will affect people in their daily lives?
  • How do uncertainties in inflow to wind plants affect estimates of generated power?